Friday, September 30, 2011

Amigo joins the BIGGEST LOSER contest beginning October 1

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Skinny Amigo

Lots of folks have noticed that Amigo has put on a few pounds over the past year.  Comments like, "Oh my you are a BIG boy now, aren't you?" or "Wow, he's really packing on the LBs, huh?" are pretty common.  So we are doing something about it!

In keeping with their philosophy/goals of preventive medicine and wellness health care, our Vet Clinic decided to have a BIGGEST LOSER contest and we are entering Amigo in the contest. Here's how it will work.
• The first weigh-in session was today, Sept. 30 at 9:00am at the clinic. Amigo was weighed, given a goal and a plan to implement at home which included daily walks, seperating the boys when they eat so Migo doesn't raid Queso's dish and giving green bean treats instead of more high calorie packaged cookies.

Amigo weighed in at 49 lbs.  His goal is to get to 40 lbs.
• Migo was assigned a veterinary staff member Shawn to be his weight loss counselor. He will check in be checking in with us to offer support and answer questions.

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Shawn seen kneeling in the photo.

• We will have monthly weigh-ins at the clinic to track his progress.

• Each month, the cat and dog owner whose pet has lost the most weight - by pecentage - will be recognized.  Go AMIGO Go!
• As they reach their goals, each dog and cat will given a small gift.  :)

• At the end of the quarter, the pet who has lost the most weight - by percentage - in each category (Cat, Dog 7 and under, Dog over 7) will win 3 large bags of Hill's Science Diet for himself & a personal training session and 30 day membership at Fitness 19 for his owner and will be featured in our quarterly newsletter. :)  Amigo will be famous!!!

How fun!  I think Migo is excited.  More updates as we progress!  Good Luck MIGO!!!